Policies and Grading

Blackstone’s policies state that upon conclusion of each lesson, students will be required to complete an exam and submit it to the school for grading.

Grade Reports will be returned instantly to students upon submitting their exams electronically through the Online Student Center.

Students who receive 69 percent or lower on any exam will be eligible for one retest. Blackstone’s policy is that any student who passes a retest may not score higher than 70%, no matter what grade they receive on a retest. Students who fail to achieve a minimum passing grade (70%) on a retest will receive the higher grade of the two failed exams and the score will be calculated into the final average. No further retesting is available.

Blackstone Career Institute grades on the numeric system. The grading system is as follows:

Letter Grade Numerical Equivalent
A- Excellent 94-100
B- Good 86-93
C- Satisfactory 78-85
D- Passing 70-77
F- Failing Below 70

BCI’s Honors Program

Any student who attains a final average of 94-100% at the end of their career training program will qualify as graduating “with Distinction.”  The certificate issued upon graduation will note this honor. The Honors Program is for recognition of BCI’s highest achieving students.

Academic Honesty

Each student doing their own work is the basis of independent study. Since students study at their own pace and schedule their own exams, there should never be any undue pressure when taking an exam. Blackstone does encourage students to be fully prepared prior to taking any exam. The use of any notes or program materials is allowed since each exam is open-book. The objective is to learn and understand the materials you are studying. Any student suspected of academic dishonesty will be suspended from the program.

Course Interruptions

A leave of absence (LOA), for a maximum of three months, will be granted for good cause. A request should be made in writing to the Student Services Department. A LOA does not extend the required time for completion, nor postpone the required payments of any tuition plan.