Student Spotlight


December Student Spotlight – Ashley Traser

Once I graduated high school I was at a loss of what I wanted to do with my life. I had decided to go down the path that my father (who passed away when I was 12) wanted me to do and always knew I’d be great at it. I enrolled at Blackstone and was very excited, but I found the motivation I knew I could complete it if I put my mind to it. Once I completed my first course it was smooth sailing from there, I was able to go to school and work at the same time. I now have a job working at a vet and I have Blackstone to thank for that. With the easy online portal and the instructors to help you with any questions you may have. You all made it easy for me to be able to attend school without the worry about changing my work schedule. I would recommend Blackstone to anyone who is looking for the ease of going school, while dealing with work and in general life’s responsibilities.

-Ashley Traser






November Student Spotlight – Lavelia Bowman

The completely on-line experience with Blackstone Career Institute is amazing! All the questions I had about the Advanced Bankruptcy for Paralegals course were answered promptly with great information which led me to enroll in the course. I have been employed as a Paralegal in our law firm for 24 years and have recently taken over responsibility for our Bankruptcy files in which we represent creditors. I took the Advanced Bankruptcy for the Paralegal course because I needed to get up to speed on Bankruptcy procedures quickly so that I could competently assist our attorney with the files. The self-guided course and timeline to complete were exactly what I needed to fit my schedule. I would highly recommend Blackstone Career Institute to anyone seeking to further their education. A wonderful experience for me!

-Lavelia Bowman





October Student Spotlight – Jessie Milton

I must express that it was sure a blessing to become a student at Blackstone Career Institute. My reason for attending this specific institute was because it provided a very flexible process for me to be able to make payments, and also, provided the necessary materials that I needed to learn. I must mention that, the staff and team members are extremely helpful. Now that I have completed and graduated from my Paralegal Course, I am currently in the process of establishing my own Legal Assistant business, thanks to Blackstone’s help. Lastly, the staff was very encouraging to me, and pushed me to finish my course when I got near the end, which really made a very big impression to me.

-Jessie Milton








September Student Spotlight – William Hempstead Jr.

I really enjoyed taking the Advanced Bankruptcy & Advanced Wills, Trusts & Estates Courses from Blackstone. It definitely is very informative and I have a better understanding of how all the different chapters of bankruptcy works along with the necessary forms that need to be completed. Advanced Wills, Trusts, & Estates definitely help explain the different legal terminology associated with that field. It also helps the paralegal understand the entire probate process. Blackstone has been a tremendous help in my advance Paralegal studies and I have taken all (8) Advanced Blackstone Paralegal courses and highly recommend them.

-William Hempstead Jr.







August Student Spotlight – Kelsey Barton

I chose to start the Blackstone Paralegal course after thorough research because of its remarkable reputation and history of student success. I was in a rut in my career and decided to branch out by studying in a field that was interesting to me. The coursework that Blackstone offered for the Paralegal program was highly informative and professional, compounded with personal study as well as interactive videos and homework assignments. They even offer a space where you can ask questions and talk to other online students working through the program. I found the customer support team always willing and quick to answer any concerns that I had. Now that I am graduated, I not only feel a great sense of accomplishment, but also believe more opportunities will be open in my career path.

-Kelsey Barton








July Student Spotlight – Jennifer Cook

BCI has been an excellent option for me. I am a mother of three boys, and I love that I am able to complete my coursework around their schedules. I have now taken two courses through BCI, the paralegal course and the Family Law course. Both were challenging but I learned so much more than I imagined. Additionally, any time I had a question, or needed clarification, between the message boards and emailing the school directly, I had an answer to my question in less than day. I previously worked in bankruptcy and civil litigation, but family law has always been my passion. I left the firm I was employed with after having my third child, but I always knew when I went back to work I wanted to go into family law. After finishing this course I feel empowered, education and prepared to take on any client that comes my way. I have no doubt this course will help me secure a paralegal position in this field.

-Jennifer Cook





June Student Spotlight – Jerrod Roland

A new beginning of life began when I enrolled into Blackstone Career Institute to pursue my career as a Paralegal. I had made up my mind that I wanted a better life for me, and for my mom as she suffered for MS – a disease that affects your muscles, and movement. While attending school full-time, I worked a full-time job, and a part-time job to make sure home was taken care of. At times it became rough due to lack of sleep, but I strived because my determination was to become a paralegal and see about my family. With all my hard work I graduated in January 2018. I received an offer as a Paralegal in April 2018, where I now will begin my career. I encourage anyone to stick to it even when it gets rough because it is worth the long nights.

-Jerrod Roland








May Student Spotlight – Sommer Picard

My experience with Blackstone Career Institute has been nothing short of fantastic! I was able to get my certificate programs completed at my own pace, learn valuable knowledge, and excel further in my career. Initially, I completed the Paralegal Certificate program, and most recently follow up with a specialization course in Family Law. The two of these have helped tremendously in my career and my future goals. I currently work as a Paralegal for a large law firm, and plan to go even further beyond this position in the near future! If someone is looking to move ahead, learn valuable knowledge, and do it all for an affordable cost at their own pace, Blackstone Career Institute is the way to go!

-Sommer Picard






April Student Spotlight – Lorraine Chiverton

I am very happy with the education I received at Blackstone. The material was comprehensive and challenging. The faculty were very responsive to any questions I had, and got back to me quickly. Anytime I called, I experienced courtesy and professionalism. Prior to enrolling, I’d researched schools, and Blackstone came highly recommended! My reason for taking the course is to volunteer in a non-profit organization, preferably one that assists animals in some way. I’m currently employed in a pharmacy, where the material I studied at Blackstone is very beneficial. I highly recommend Blackstone to anyone interested in taking a Paralegal course.

-Lorraine Chiverton

February Student Spotlight – Tamela Freeman

My experience with Blackstone, from beginning to end, was a pleasant and easy one. I didn’t have much need to contact administration, but on the few occasions I did, my questions or concerns were answered and addressed quickly and thoroughly.  I took the course because although I have worked in the area of law as an administrative assistant for nearly 26 years, I wanted to enhance my knowledge of the legal field so that I may be qualified for future opportunities that may arise in the Paralegal field. I found the course to be informative, challenging and very interesting. The course materials were very easy to follow and presented the information in a way that made it easy to understand and interesting to read.  I looked forward to starting each new lesson and to be honest, I’m a little sad that it’s over! I will definitely recommend Blackstone to others and am actually considering taking the Medical Coding/Billing course around the first of the year if things go as planned. It is never a bad thing to have a backup plan when it comes to careers.

-Tamela Freeman




January Student Spotlight – Yvonne House

I had done a lot of research to find a program for paralegal/legal assistant and was fortunate to have found Blackstone Career Institute.  The cost for the program was very reasonable.  I was able to pay for the program in full.  Therefore, I received all the material at once.  Whenever, I had a question about anything, they have always been available to help.  The reason why I had chosen the paralegal/legal assistant course is I am in need of legal experience in this line of work.  I am currently working full time in the medical field but am seeking to become a certified legal document preparer.  This is where the paralegal/legal assistant program has been very beneficial to me. Overall, my experience with Blackstone Career Institute has been positive.  It takes a great deal of dedication to really get through the program especially when I work full time.  The levels were challenging but I powered through it.  I reached my goal on completing the program, now I’m ready to move towards my other personal goal. I would definitely recommend Blackstone Career Institute to anyone who is seeking to advance their career or for personal growth.  You will be pleased with their legal programs and service.

-Yvonne House





December Student Spotlight – Tessy Armah

My experience with Blackstone Career Institute would be rated as excellent because I expected the course to be short but it was very elaborate. It is an in depth course which covers every aspect of law which will help you to either start a career in the legal profession being an entry job seeker or to further a Law Degree. I will encourage anyone to register as a student with Blackstone Career Institute because with Blackstone your future is in safe hands. The reason I became a Paralegal student of Blackstone is because my goal is to be a Practicing Lawyer. I read through the course outline on the website saw how each of the lessons are broken down and how many law courses were required to graduate. That was when I decided to pay for the course and I do not regret it at all. Keep up the good work and thank you for a wonderful experience.

-Tessy Armah





November Student Spotlight – Amanda Eldridge

I wanted to take some time to thank you, and Blackstone Career Institute for providing me with the knowledge to pursue my dream career working with animals. The program was very informative and simple to navigate. I loved being able to work at my own pace and feel as though I controlled my education. Anytime I needed assistance the staff members at Blackstone were more than eager to help, and always returned my phone calls/e-mails. As I progressed through each unit in my Veterinary Assistant program, I felt more and more knowledgable on the trade, and was excited to move forward and see what the next unit had in store. Before Blackstone, I had always known I wanted to work with animals, just didn’t have any idea where to start. Veterinary Programs can be very expensive at most colleges/universities, and being in my mid twenties currently working a full time job with a family, going back to conventional college just wasn’t right for me. Not to mention bills need to be paid, so I needed something that allowed me the flexibility to still work, and better my education. I was able to structure my own days and fit in schooling whenever possible. I feel so accomplished knowing I was able to make it through my program without burdening my family by taking time off work. After just completing my program in June, I have already had several interviews and I am about to start working full time at a local animal clinic. Without my career certification from Blackstone I wouldn’t be in this position; and I’m happy I chose Blackstone as a guide to career success.

-Amanda Eldridge



October Student Spotlight – Roger Pompa

I really appreciated your kind words of encouragement, and I would be indeed honored to share with you and your staff a testimonial on my behalf, regarding my course with B.C.I. I am a graduate of a community college, and a university in Florida. I am learning more Law Terminology from my coursework with BCI. Blackstone’s courses are more in depth than any college or university texts from my experience studying the law. I am not wasting my time with Blackstone, as I would be in a college setting with re-educating myself with basic core level classes, such as English, Math, or any of the elective courses needed to obtain a college degree. In my future I intend to open a small business doing paralegal work as a freelance paralegal. I will do work for the indigent, homeless veterans, simple uncontested divorces, and helping the incarcerated with their appeals, as well as performing depositions for Law Firms.

-Roger Pompa



September Student Spotlight – C. Saint Lewis

My experience with Blackstone Career Institute has been very positive from the beginning. I retired from law enforcement and was looking for a way to use my background, coupled with education, and validated by an accredited school with online classes. Since time of day doesn’t matter to me, I loved the fact that if I can’t sleep at 3:00 a.m., I can go to my Blackstone classes and use my time productively.

Before choosing Blackstone for my paralegal course, I looked at several other online schools; but they required that I be in front of my computer at a set time on a set day for a set period of time. That just doesn’t work for me. I chose Blackstone because of its flexible classes, recognition by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA), and its affordability. The great customer service was an added bonus. Paul Grumbein was so helpful in advising me from my first phone, helping me get my transcript sent to NALA so that I could take the May 2017 test, and congratulating me once I had passed the exam. The Certified Paralegal exam was not easy but Blackstone’s course work was exceptional in helping me reach that goal.  It includes every subject covered on the exam along with a lot of common law history which allowed me to understand how the law progressed over time. I would recommend Blackstone to anyone wishing to get a quality education at an affordable price.

-C. Saint Lewis




August Student Spotlight – Luis Garrido

Thanks again for the EXCELLENT EDUCATION I received from Blackstone! The program covered the material in such a way that made it comprehensible and retentive. I was so impressed with the program, that not only did I purchase the course volume set, but I also found a used complete set of Blackstone’s original Modern American Law!

-Luis Garrido




July Student Spotlight – Karen Anderson

My overall experience with Blackstone was great. I thought it was very affordable and I liked that I could go through the course at my own pace. I liked the open book quizzes. It was nice not having to memorize a huge amount of material that is usually forgotten anyway. The most challenging part for me was the Lexis Advance section, the videos were short and covered a lot of material. I took the course for a career change and want to work in either Employment Law or Family Law. Thank you and Blackstone Career Institute for all the support

-Karen Anderson




June Student Spotlight – Elaine Johnson

First, I would like to thank the staff who were very helpful and professional.  THANK YOU!

This is a great online program and the way it is organized is absolutely amazing. There is a lot of information that covers all areas of law, so that you can decide which area you might be most interested in pursuing. The LexisAdvance program is extremely useful.  I am so happy I found this program! The program worked out just perfect for me!  It was just what I was looking for and what I could afford.

I took this program because I wanted to obtain the academic knowledge and certification as a Legal Assistant/Paralegal, so that I could advance to a Paralegal position in my legal career. Currently, I am a Legal Assistant. I look forward to continuing my education with Blackstone Career Institute by taking other advanced Paralegal programs offered.  I would recommend Blackstone Career Institute to anyone who wants to continue their education.

-Elaine Johnson



May Student Spotlight – Kerri Barnhart

I really enjoyed taking this course. It was so informative and covered everything I need to prepare me for a career in billing and coding. It was a lot of information to take in, but I took tons of notes and will always be able to look at them for a refresher course. I hadn’t worked in 20 years and circumstances came about that created an opportunity to get back out there. My uncle owns a billing company and he encouraged me to sign up for the course. Needless to say, I was very nervous getting back into schooling since I hadn’t really used my brain like that for so long, but I felt really comfortable in no time. The fact that I could go at my own pace was an immense help. Also, the idea of completing a course in less than a year and doing so at such a low cost were huge positives. I am not working yet, but do have a job lined up. Thank you so much for such a wonderful opportunity!


-Kerri Barnhart





April Student Spotlight – G. Lee KelloggOnline Certificate Student

I chose Blackstone Career Institute’s Legal Assistant/Paralegal program based on two things: educational value and,overall cost.  Both of which are outstanding.

Based on my research there are individuals taking this course work, and knowing their freedom may depend on what they learn.  This in and of itself was total justification for me. I have learned more in one month, with Blackstone classes, than I did in almost 2 years of law school…when I changed horses in mid-stream in favor of an MBA program.

I believe the Blackstone method of teaching cuts straight to the heart of the legal/judicial system that governs justice, for you and me, in today’s aggressive society.

-G. Lee Kellogg



March Student Spotlight – Lavonia LawrenceOnline Training Student

I have had a pleasurable experience with Blackstone Career Institute. I found that with setting my own pace it was achievable for me to complete my program while balancing family and work life. It seems like yesterday I started my program and now I am looking forward to gaining on the job training and becoming a certified Medical Biller and Coder.

-Lavonia Lawrence





February Student Spotlight – Regina DiazOnline Course Review

I am currently a Legal Assistant and have been in the legal field since 1988.  I recently got a job with the County and was told about Blackstone Career Institute by other co-workers.  I decided to get my Paralegal Certificate through Blackstone so that I will have the opportunity to be promoted as a Paralegal.  I have always wanted to get my Paralegal Certificate but just haven’t had the time to attend school.  Blackstone lets you work at your own pace and is very easy to understand.  I would highly recommend this course to others and have already done so.

-Regina Diaz



January Student Spotlight – Shannon KealiherOnline Training Review

I am a single mom trying to maintain in life and struggle with the rent increases as well as taking care of my child with no help from the government. This has been a really hard struggle. I was able to land a job with the City Attorney’s Office. I have been there for about 3 months. I was told that I could move up to a Paralegal position but needed to get my paralegal certificate. Well, being a single mom with no extra babysitting arrangements for night classes meant this was not going to happen. One of my co-workers told me about Blackstone. I went online to check it out and ended up reading that it is at your own pace and the fees were not that bad. I signed up. I thought that it would take me 9 plus months to get through the program, but I was able to get it done in 3 months. I have now been promoted to Paralegal with an $8,000 yearly raise. This class was easy to keep up with and I learned a lot in the course. I would recommend this program to everyone.

-Shannon Kealiher

December Student Spotlight – Karishna Guzmank-guzman-student-spotlight

My overall experience with Blackstone Career Institute was beyond my expectations; the institute has exceptional, prompt and courteous student services, the motivational letters/emails gave me the extra push I needed when life made sure to occupy and overwhelm me. The freedom to study at my own pace was the most gratifying as I have already done the on campus education and the amount of pressure I had as a working married mom was exacerbating. The study material was intense, complete, current, yet easy enough to comprehend.

I have been in the Real-Estate business for approximately 15 years as Legal Administrators appearing in court on behalf of landlords and serving as a liaison between paralegals, attorney and tenants but ultimately approving agreements and making decisions on behalf of the landlord, that I decided it was time for me to seal my 15 years of experience with a certification. It was challenging at times but a very pleasant experience. 🙂 Thank you!

-Karishna Guzman

November Student Spotlight – John Whitfieldj-whitfield

I was highly impressed with this Paralegal Program. This was truly an awesome educational experience! The lessons were very detailed, informative and comprehensive. My experience with Blackstone Career Institute is an educational journey that I will never forget. As I stated before, this learning experience was well worth the money spent.

My reason for taking this course was to improve my employment chances, to expand my knowledge of the law and to acquire certification confirming that I have knowledge of the legal process. For many years I have conducted numerous Pro Se litigation, ranging from the commencement of civil lawsuits and conducting civil trials to filing motions and appeals regarding criminal proceedings.  With the acquisition of this certificate, I am finally able to document the fact that I understand the law and can assist attorneys in their effort to represent clients.

Although I am currently employed as a Youth Counselor, my ultimate goal is to start my own Paralegal business in order to generate supplemental income.  In addition, I am in the process of acquiring National Certification from the National Association for Legal Assistants (NALA).

Once again, thank you for a wonderful educational experience!

John Whitfield



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