About Blackstone Career Institute

Train for a new career and get ahead with Blackstone Career Institute.

Blackstone Career Institute is privately licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and accredited by Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), Washington, D.C and regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools. These regulations are your assurance that Blackstone offers first-rate quality programs and instruction. Our mission statement reflects our dedication to offering outstanding career education.

Blackstone Career Institute Mission

Blackstone Career Institute is committed to providing quality, relevant and affordable distance education programs that focus on the knowledge and skills needed for entry-level careers, professional development or personal goals.

 Blackstone Career Institute Goals:

  • to provide quality distance education to students seeking to prepare themselves for a career in their chosen field as a paralegal, pharmacy technician aide, veterinary assistant, allied health professional, or entry level business professional
  • to provide instruction from subject matter experts to guarantee that lesson materials are both applicable and up-to-date with regard to today’s industry standards
  • to assist students in realizing their career goals throughout their educational training by encouraging ongoing professional development and lifelong learning

The mission and goals of Blackstone Career Institute are accomplished by successfully achieving the following objectives:

  • to provide high-quality distance education and training to individuals seeking entry-level training, para-professionals seeking continuing education, and adults seeking to enrich their lives
  • to foster a positive, supportive learning environment that motivates students to learn and accomplish educational goals through providing exceptional student support services
  • to prepare graduates for an entry level position in their chosen field through a technology-driven curriculum that incorporates practical application of learned skills
  • to supply a curriculum that prepares students to sit for a certification exam when applicable to the program of study;
  • to continually revise, update, and/or add new courses of study when appropriate, offering the most current information and meeting industry standards
  • to evaluate its mission and measure its institutional effectiveness through the continual monitoring of students’ academic progress, satisfaction, and graduate outcomes.

Blackstone is open to all individuals who demonstrate maturity and determination to enroll in a training program without regard to their age, gender, color, race, creed, religion, disability, or veteran status.
As a “school without walls,” Blackstone offers you the freedom to study when you want and where you want. Since there are no classes to attend, you progress at your own pace.

Blackstone offers a wide array of online certificate courses, career training programs and continuing education courses. Receive advice, guidance, and support from our experienced faculty and staff. Let Blackstone prepare you for your new career today! Contact us directly at 800-826-9228 to learn more and enhance your education with Blackstone!


A Message From Our President

Kevin J. McCloskey“Our graduates enter the workforce with the confidence to start or advance their careers. In short, we teach you how to get things done.”

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