Foundations of Legal Research using LexisAdvance®

Blackstone’s Foundations of Legal Research online certificate program will expand your research capabilities, improve your writing skills, and teach you the ins and outs of computer-assisted legal research using LexisAdvance®. Paralegals are often asked to perform an initial case analysis, research various legal topics, draft legal documents, and use public records and news sources to compile information. This course, Foundations of Legal Research Using LexisAdvance® is designed to help you accomplish all of these tasks and more! Using LexisAdvance®, the leading online legal, news, and business information service for paralegals and lawyers, get fast and accurate information – a must when working on tight deadlines. As a Blackstone student, you are entitled to one-on-one LexisAdvance® training that fits your skill level and needs, along with access to resources that will unlock the potential of the research tools available to you at LexisNexis®University website. In addition, completion of the required Paralegal Certificate of Mastery Program can lead to CLE credit in many states (check with your state’s paralegal association).

Using the LexisAdvance® database, you will gain a solid foundation in the principles and practice of Legal Research and Writing. Blackstone’s accredited online Legal Research using LexisAdvance® is designed to prepare students to assist attorneys as they draft and establish formal documentation for their casework. When you have completed all of the self-checks and examinations for this course, you will have a better understanding of legal research and case study and be ready to move into a new paralegal field or assume additional responsibilities in your current job.

Included with your training is access to live support to help you make the most of the research tools available. Dedicated LexisAdvance® support personnel will provide individual search assistance if you are stalled during your search process.


The LexisNexis® Certificate of Mastery program is designed to familiarize you with the tools paralegals use to streamline their everyday tasks. Five one-hour training sessions cover the following topics:

•    Introduction to Lexis Advance
•    Using secondary sources for initial case analysis
•    Researching statutes and regulations
•    Case law research
•    Cite checking with Shepard’s® Citation Service

  • Prerequisite: High School or General Equivalency Diploma
  • Study Method: Online study guides and exams
  • Program Length: Completion time ranges from 4-12 months. Students must satisfy all academic and financial obligations to graduate from their program.

Interested in learning more about our Foundations of Legal Research using LexisAdvance course? Contact us directly at 800-826-9228 to learn more and enhance your education with Blackstone!


Foundations of Legal Research Using LexisAdvance®

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Unit 1: Blackstone's Skills for Success

  • Discover How You Learn
  • Find a Place to Study
  • Learn How to Study

Lesson 2: Legal Research and Writing – Part 1

  • Introduction to the Law and the U.S. Legal System
  • Primary Sources
  • Secondary Sources
  • Computer-Assisted Legal Research
  • Conducting Legal Research
  • Updating and Verifying Legal Research
  • Legal Analysis
  • Graded Assignment: Shepardizing

Lesson 3: Legal Research and Writing - Part 2

  • Introduction to Legal Writing
  • Writing Legal Letters
  • Legal Research Memorandums
  • Trial Court Legal Memorandums
  • Appellate Briefs
  • Graded Assignment:  Demand Letter
    Graded Assignment:  Legal Research Memorandum
    Graded Assignment:  Q & A Appellate

Lesson 4: English Usage and Written Communication

  • Parts of Speech
  • Parts of a Sentence
  • Pronouns, Verbs, and Agreement
  • Sentence Types and Punctuation
  • Written Communications

Lesson 5: Effective Legal Research Using LexisAdvance®

  • Online tutorial
  • One-on-one training with a dedicated LexisNexis® instructor
  • Training Session 1 Initial Case Analysis
  • Training Session 2 Cite Checking with Shepard’s®
  • Training Session 3 Drafting Legal Documents
  • Training Session 4 Public Records and News (full access to Public Records not available with student version)
  • Training Session 5 Company & Financial Information