Employee Supervision

Corporate Training Program

Employee Supervision Overview

Supervisory skills are essential to lead effectively in today’s workforce!

All employees, whether they are new to an organization or are ready to move into supervisory positions, need a solid understanding of supervisory skills and concepts. The transition from employee to supervisor takes a combination of attitude and competency—which you will explore in this course. Learn how to take on a supervisory role and stimulate employee and group performance in a changing environment. The supervisory skills presented in this course will provide you with the knowledge you need to get results.

Learn the following supervisory skills:

  • Make Ethical Decisions
  • Mentor, Coach and Motivate Employees to Make the Most of Your Team’s Skills and Abilities
  • Organize an Effective Department by Using Job Descriptions, Delegation, Team Building and Communication
  • Develop Sound Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
  • Focus on Quality During the Design and Implementation of Controls
  • Communicate and Give Feedback More Effectively
  • Turn Groups Into Teams
  • Ensure a Safe and Healthy Work Environment by Enforcing OSHA and Job Safety Program Regulations
  • Handle Employee Conflict, Discipline and Negotiations
  • Describe the Supervisor’s Role in Labor Relations

Topics covered in Employee Supervision include:

  • The Role of the Supervisor
  • Supervisory Challenges and Handling Conflict
  • Establishing Goals
  • Organizing a Department and Acquiring the Right People
  • Designing and Implementing Controls
  • Solving Problems and Making Decisions
  • Motivating Your Employees
  • Supervising Groups and Work Teams
  • Ensuring a Safe and Healthy Work Environment
  • Dealing with Change and Innovation