Diversity in the Workplace

Corporate Training Program

Diversity in the Workplace Overview

Blackstone’s diversity course provides knowledge that is essential to functioning effectively in today’s work environment.

Organizations that understand and value diversity can position themselves at the forefront, becoming more attractive to potential employees from different backgrounds. All employees can benefit from diversity training by learning to be more flexible, engaging with every coworker on an intellectual level, and looking at issues from other perspectives. By taking Blackstone’s diversity course, you will learn how to improve the experiences of diverse groups in the workforce and overcome stereotyping. As a nation of increasing diversity, the knowledge and skills provided in this diversity course will help any employee or manager to work more effectively with others.

Learn the skills you need to work effectively in a diverse environment:

  • Explain the Importance of Diversity in Organizations
  • Understand U.S. Laws and Executive Orders that Relate to Diversity in Organizations
  • Identify Characteristics of Minority Groups
  • Discuss the Thought Processes Related to Prejudice and Discrimination and Ways to Avoid Stereotyping
  • Explain the Historical Background and Current Status of Diverse Groups and How to Improve Their Experiences in the Workforce
  • Propose Reasonable Accommodations for Employees with Impairments
  • Suggest Implementations that Assist Employees Coping with Work and Family Issues
  • Make Recommendations for Fostering Diversity in the Workplace

Topics covered in Blackstone’s diversity course include:

  • Importance of Diversity in Organizations
  • Legislation Related to Diversity in Organizations
  • Minority and Nondominant Groups
  • Stereotyping, Prejudice & Discrimination
  • Examining Specific Groups and Categories
  • International Diversity