Computers in the Workplace

Corporate Training Program

Computers in the Workplace Overview

Computer training is essential to functioning effectively in today’s workforce!

Most businesses utilize computers for data processing and storage, local and global communication, managing schedules and finances, and information gathering. Blackstone Career Institute’s computer training explains the latest trends in computer technology. In an information and technology-driven workforce, you must keep up with changes in order to remain computer literate. Blackstone’s computer training course will provide you with up-to-date information on key topics and make technology accessible!

Get the computer training you need:

  • Gain or Update Your Computer Literacy
  • Increase Your Keyboarding Speed and Accuracy
  • Use the Rules of Netiquette
  • Optimize Web Searches
  • Identify Key Features of Business, Multimedia and Personal Programs
  • Explain the Types and Uses of Input and Output
  • Describe Key Features of Embedded Operating Systems and the Purpose of Utility Programs
  • Recognize Various Network Communications Standards and Communications Devices
  • Identify File Maintenance and Validation Techniques
  • Describe Techniques for Computer Security and Safety
  • Identify Guidelines for System Development and Explain the Phases of Development
  • Recognize Steps in a Disaster Recovery Plan

Topics covered in Blackstone’s computer training course include:

  • Application Software
  • Components of the System Unit
  • Input and Output
  • Operating Systems and Utility Programs
  • Communications and Networks
  • Database Management
  • Computer Security and Safety, Ethics and Privacy
  • Information System and Program Development
  • Enterprise Computing