Business Communication

Corporate Training Program

Business Communication Overview

Business communication skills are essential to functioning effectively in today’s workforce!

Employers rank communication skills among the most important factors they look for when making hiring decisions. In this course, you will learn effective oral and written communication techniques to get results. You will acquire the business communication skills you need to prepare effective memos, letters, reports and presentations. In an information-based economy, business communication skills are more important than ever!

Learn the business communication skills you need:

  • Understand the process of communication and the flow of information within an organization
  • Develop teamwork, listening and etiquette skills
  • Learn a three-step process that allows you to plan of your writing projects
  • Produce outstanding e-mails, memos, letters, marketing materials, and business reports
  • Review the basics of grammar and mechanics to ensure successful communications
  • Gain an awareness of how to enhance your communications to deliver your message among people from different cultures

Topics covered in Business Communication include:

  • Communications Foundations
  • The 3 x 3 Writing Process
  • Business Correspondence
  • Reports, Proposals and Presentations
  • Employment Communication
  • Grammar and Mechanics Guide