Torts, Criminal Law & Civil Actions

Certificate Training Program

Criminal Law & Civil Actions, Tort Law Overview

The Torts, Criminal Law & Civil Actions certificate course is designed for legal professionals to learn more about the issues affecting our society and their legal ramifications. This course provides a tort law overview, covering the complex subject of torts, and how torts are civil wrongs committed against individuals and against people in general. The various classes of wrongs, such as negligence and defamation, are discussed within the tort law overview. Discover the difference between such civil injuries and crimes, including homicide, larceny, kidnapping, and extortion. Pleadings and practice in civil actions and criminal procedure are explored, explaining how cases are presented in court and defended. In addition to the criminal and civil law and a tort law overview, this course covers critical thinking skills, which are needed by any student attempting to integrate the information covered by this course into his or her professional life.

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