LexisNexis® Foundations

Certificate Training Program

Foundations of Legal Research Using LexisNexis® Overview

Expand your research capabilities, improve your writing skills, and learn the ins and outs of performing LexisNexis research in this informative course. Paralegals are often asked to perform an initial case analysis, research various legal topics, draft legal documents, and use public records and news sources to compile information. The Foundations of Legal Research Using LexisNexis® course is designed to help you accomplish all of these tasks and more!

Using LexisNexis research tools, the leading online legal, news, and business information service for paralegals and lawyers, you will get fast and accurate information—a must when working on tight deadlines. As a Blackstone student, you are entitled to LexisNexis research that fits your skill level and needs, along with access to resources that will unlock the potential of the LexisNexis research tools available to you at lexis.com®. In addition, you will complete the lexis.com® Certification for Paralegal Students program using the LexisNexis research services.

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