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Veterinary Assistant Career

Why Become a Veterinary Assistant?

Pet owners have come to expect a greater quality and level of health care for their beloved companions. If you have ever thought about working with animals in a rewarding field, then a veterinary assistant career is the path for you! With rising animal populations and a wide variety of health care services available, there is no shortage of jobs in the veterinary assistant career field.

Veterinary assistants may work on a veterinary team in laboratories, research facilities, animal hospitals, and clinics. Clinics encompass general practices as well as specialty practices, including internal medicine, surgery, dermatology and dentistry.

Employment Outlook for Veterinary Assistants

The veterinary assistant career is a growing field and the employment outlook for veterinary assistants is better than the average for all occupations; the projected job growth in this field is expected to be 19% by 2020 (2010 O*Net Summary Report for Veterinary Assistants and Laboratory Animal Caretakers). Job seekers who are qualified through their training should have little trouble finding employment.

What You Can Earn Working in a Veterinary Assistant Career

Many factors are considered when calculating salary for those in a veterinary assistant career such as location, type of facility, education level and years of experience. According to O*Net Online, the occupational network database, the median wage for Veterinary Assistants was $22,830 (or $10.98 per hour) in 2010.

(O*Net Summary Report for Veterinary Assistants and Laboratory Animal Caretakers)