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Blackstone’s Online Student Center

We offer free registration in our Online Student Center to all active Blackstone students, so you can select the course delivery method that best fits your educational preferences and your learning style.

Delivering courses electronically allows you maximum flexibility when accessing and completing your career program. You can choose to read lessons on-screen, download the study guide for later use, or print out your own hard copy immediately. In the Online Student Center, courses can be completed on the computer using our own Blackstone course management system. You receive all the program materials by mail upon enrollment, then log into the Online Student Center with a username and password. Once logged on, you can access your study guides, take exams, and contact your instructors and fellow students. Some of our study units use commercial textbooks, which are not available online, but all Blackstone study guides can be accessed in the Online Student Center.

Our study guides are set up in an easy-to-use PDF format, which allow graphically sophisticated screen displays to be viewed in large format. In addition, you have resources such as online testing with instantaneous results; access to student records, payment history and grade history; chat and discussion boards; online student support; and web resources.

See a demo of our Online Student Center.