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Blackstone Career Institute Reviews

Blackstone receives positive comments and feedback every day from satisfied students and graduates. Their experiences with Blackstone are enjoyable for many reasons: the flexibility of working from home, the user-friendly course materials, the consistent staff support, the ability to gain new and useful knowledge, and the prospect of starting a new career. Read below to see what our students and graduates have to say about their career training from Blackstone!

Blackstone Career Institute Reviews:

“Blackstone Career Institute is a cut above the other schools I’ve attended. They seem to have a sincere desire for their students to excel in their studies.”
-Shirley, Beloit, WI.

“If you are motivated and stay focused on the course, you will benefit from the studies. It is challenging and rewarding! Thank you.”
-Alyson, Ringwood, NJ.

“A great deal and a great opportunity. Blackstone will engage your legal senses and cover a great variety of subject areas needed for success.”
-John, Hackensack, NJ.

“This is a great program for people trying to work a full-time job and improve their job skills.”
-Tammy, Charlotte, NC.

“I found every aspect of Blackstone great! The instructors and counselors were helpful and the staff is caring to students. Thanks!”
-Miriam, Tampa, FL.

“Blackstone gave me the motivational push I needed and an educational foundation to build on. This course has provided me more than just learning about the law; it gave me direction!”
-David, San Diego, CA.

“Graduating from your school was the best decision I have ever made. I am currently working in a large law firm in Florida with a high income and great benefits. Thanks for everything.”
-Gary, St. Petersburg, FL.

“The staff is great! The support and confidence boost they provided are beyond what I expected. Thank you for a brighter future.”
-Tamara, Point Pleasant, WV.

“This is the most inexpensive and efficient program I have ever experienced. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in the paralegal profession.”
-Doralena, Ft. Worth, TX.

“This course is informative, well planned and very affordable. Thank you for helping me change my career.”
-Denise, Los Angeles, CA.

“A very efficient way for a mother, wife and employee to get a higher education.”
-Cassandra, Leitchfield, KY.

“In 1969, I received a Bachelor of Laws Degree from Blackstone School of Law. What a great course! In 2003, I was on the Internet and came across the Legal Assistant or Paralegal course that Blackstone offers… I didn’t hesitate. I knew from Blackstone’s reputation that the course would be well worth the tuition amount. I was not disappointed. What a great course! In the very near future, I plan on taking the national certification exam and I have no doubt that I will pass. I have a long history with Blackstone and know their excellence and integrity. I would not hesitate to take any course that Blackstone offers and I would know I was getting my money’s worth. I would recommend your school to any person that is looking for a rewarding career. I am proud to say that I am a Blackstone graduate!”
-John, Humble, TX.

“This was a challenging, thorough program that provided me the flexibility of a home study program that I needed with a full-time job and a full family life.”
-Gloria, Louisville, KY.

“Blackstone offered a challenging program and the instructors showed a genuine concern in helping me complete the course.”
-Max, Austin, TX.

“Your school provided me with user-friendly study materials. The course was easy to understand and thoroughly tested. I had the opportunity to learn about the paralegal profession through the solid and concise knowledge presented throughout the program. I landed my job thanks to you!”
-Holta, Bronx, NY.

“Just a short note to commend you on your clear, concise and easy to understand lesson books. I cannot begin to describe the feeling it gives me to know that I am taking the steps to better my knowledge, career and life. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.”
-Cheryl, Apopka, FL.

“I just wanted to send a note expressing my appreciation for the great paralegal course that you provided. I am sure the course will be a valuable starting point in a new career path. Although the books supplied the answers to most of my questions, the thoughtful personnel, who answered the few questions that I called or emailed to you, were an excellent resource. Kudos to the staff for their commitment to excellence!”
-Carroll, Brighton, IL.

“I was very impressed with the information I received online and by mail. The instructors responded quickly when I phoned to ask a question.”
-Cheri, Rockwall, TX.

“The entire course is well-written. I believe that it is an excellent start for adults looking to change careers while maintaining a busy lifestyle.”
-Tanya, Lancaster, PA.

“Blackstone Career Institute offers an excellent foundation for anyone who is interested in learning from a distance. Studying at your own pace with professional feedback to exam questions is an excellent way to gain experience.”
-Jeff, Forrest City, AR.

“Using the services of Blackstone enable me to become an independent Legal Consultant! I review contracts, prepare wills, trusts and even do pre-nups. Thanks, Blackstone!”
-LaDonna, Las Vegas, NV.

“Blackstone’s Paralegal course is challenging and fulfilling. This course has given me the confidence to further my education in the field of law.”
-Jama, Nashville, TN.

“The Paralegal course gives a student an excellent overview of the basic foundation of law. This is an outstanding introduction to prepare one for being a paralegal.”
-Richard, Pensacola, FL.

“Taking this course has helped me to obtain a valuable tool… knowledge of the law. It has helped me to run my business more efficiently and effectively.”
-Steve, Jackson, TN.

“I believe that the study and field of law is both exciting and challenging and the courses offered through Blackstone Career Institute are first-rate. I strongly recommend this program.”
-James, Sandstone, MN.

“The Blackstone Career Institute Paralegal course was intriguing and relevant to my professional performance. I have gained knowledge and practical skills that will help me far into my paralegal career. BCI sets the standard for excellence in paralegal education!”
-Andrea, Gateville, TX.

“I have completed my studies with Blackstone with a great deal of respect and appreciation. I have a very bright future within the paralegal profession.”
-Deana, Ochlocknee, GA.

“A good foundation for building your paralegal career.”
-Vicki, Anoka, MN.

“I am extremely grateful to Blackstone for its comprehensive training, diligent instructors and fair billing practices.”
-Lawrence, Bridgeton, NJ.

“It has been a pleasure to participate in your paralegal program.”
-Wayne, Carlisle, IN.

“I have worked in the legal field for several years. I love the law and this course has given me even greater confidence in my work.”
-Shanna, Houston, TX.

“As a labor union officer, the knowledge that I have gained from Blackstone Career Institute has been extremely helpful in performing my duties.”
-Gary, South Ryegate, VT.

“Blackstone is one of the best. Excellent Study Guides.”
-Guy, Sanderson, FL.

“The materials provided by Blackstone in this correspondence course were excellent. I would recommend it to anyone interested in taking a paralegal correspondence course.”
-Carlos, Oak Lawn, IL.

“Blackstone is an excellent choice for Paralegal studies!”
-Timothy, Hinton, OK.

“The text is so easy to read and understand. You are moved to continue to the next lesson.”
-Sharon, Princetown, WV.

“I would strongly recommend Blackstone to anyone wanting to study the paralegal profession. I have learned a lot from the program and hope to find an exciting and rewarding job in this field.
-Danielle, Clifton, NJ.

“The staff members were always ready to help. They were very efficient every time I contacted the school.”
-Ana, Brazil.

“During the course of my studies with Blackstone, I was able to work and educate myself without causing any additional pressure in my life. Now my future is brighter and I can advance into different fields.”
-Kelly, Douglas, AZ.

“Blackstone Paralegal Studies is an excellent source for learning the basic operations of the law and government. Blackstone has the potential to be a major factor in recognition of paralegals worldwide.”
-Paul, Carrolton, TX.

“Highly recommended for someone wishing to explore areas of the law to see if (s)he wishes to pursue a career in a specific area of litigation.”
-Michael, Holdenville, OK.

“I think the program is great and enjoyed being able to go through this course.”
-Julius, Pelham, GA.

“I really enjoyed taking this course and want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to further my education through your program.”
-Roy, Walsenberg, CO.

“I was pleased to discover that Blackstone offered exactly what I wanted to study.”
-Sarah, Avon Lake, OH.

“The completion of this course has stimulated my interest to pursue an advanced degree in paralegal studies.”
-Steven, Baltimore, MD.

“Your course will certainly give me the foundation to a career as a paralegal. Thank you Blackstone for giving me the edge I need to succeed.”
-Weldon, Houston, TX.

“With a full time job and family, your program was a great opportunity to achieve a higher education and further my career.”
-Pat, Winnsboro, TX.

“I loved this program. It allowed me the flexibility I needed since I worked over 40 hours per week and planned a wedding while taking the paralegal course. This provided excellent insight into the legal field and encouraged me to grow in my understanding of each aspect of the paralegal field.”
-Samantha, New Knoxville, OH.

“This course is a great way to introduce you to the legal field as an inmate, not only did it provide the knowledge I was lacking, but it also gave me a starting point when I get out.”
-Richard, San Quentin, CA.

“Would recommend to anyone interested in a paralegal career. I have had a great experience.”
-Susanne, Winston-Salem, NC.

“Excellent source of information and knowledge.”
-Loring, Somerset, PA.

“I feel prepared and ready to enter the world of paralegals.”
-Melissa, Perkasie, PA.

“Blackstone gave me a great and wonderful opportunity to enhance my education through this program for which I am very grateful. Thank you for your concern and assistance.”
-Jorge, Imperial, CA.

“I was really happy about the skills I learned and knowledge gained.”
-Abd, Libson, OH.

“I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in business and/or the legal field. It was outstanding in the course materials. Blackstone is very easy to communicate with in all areas.”
-Roger, Draper, UT.

“The material was informative, easy to read and understand. The lessons were excellently formatted. All correspondence was answered speedily and professionally.”
-William, Shirley, MA.

“This course is interesting and inspiring, giving me an opportunity to discover a passion for the law.”
-Vanessa, Morrow, GA.

“Blackstone Career Institute afforded me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in all areas of the law, and increase my efficiency in doing legal work. The convenience of a home study course is priceless.”
-Mark, Graterford, PA.

“If you’re planning to take a correspondence course to be a paralegal, Blackstone Paralegal Studies is the course for you.”
-Aaron, Jarratt, VA.

“Blackstone’s courses offer a great service to those who, for whatever reason, are unable to go to a traditional classroom setting. I was thoroughly pleased with the courses and the service.”
-Oscar, Imperial, CA.

“You met my expectations to the fullest.”
-Joe, Crescent City, CA

“I really enjoyed the Blackstone Paralegal Studies. It has taught me everything I need to know about the law in all areas.”
-Eric, Daytona Beach, FL.

“Very thorough, helpful and challenging!”
-Naomi, Silver City, NM.

“Blackstone’s course has been a great tool in finding my area of specialization. I am certain my career is well on the way to success.”
-Tracy, Indianapolis, IN.

“The staff and instructors at Blackstone are the best I have ever dealt with in any school forum.”
-Gregory, Pontiac, IL.

“Well-written, understandable, and very well organized. I enjoyed the historical connection exposed in the course as it gave me a deeper respect for the law.”
-Levi, Lawton, OK.

“Such a small investment, for a wide range of information relating to your basic rights and responsibilities that may not have been reasonably known without Blackstone Studies.”
-Joshamaul, Morgantown, WV.

“I took this course to learn more about the law. I now have a good view of how our legal system works. I’m satisfied and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the law.”
-Ubaldo, Los Angeles, CA.

“Blackstone gave me an excellent opportunity to learn at my own pace with in-depth and informative study materials.”
-Damien, Charlotte, NC.

“Blackstone has given me the opportunity to sharpen my tools to be nothing but productive as I embark on a future paralegal career and in life as well. Thank you!”
-Joseph, Carlisle, IL.

“Blackstone has been teaching students legal studies since 1890 because they are committed to their promise of teaching those who want to learn and prosper.”
-Richard, Alto, GA.

“Blackstone is an excellent school to attend. It’s one of the best schools to learn, understand the law and help you achieve your goal.”
-Loeurth, Shirley, MA.

“Blackstone’s Paralegal / Legal Assistant correspondence course is one of the best courses a person just getting started in this field of study can obtain for a new career change or beginning!”
-Ronald, Avon Parks, FL.

“Attending Blackstone has given me some new excitement in pursuing a career that I wanted. I believe they have given me everything to succeed.”
-Kenneth, Millsboro, DE.

“This course is very informative and easy to use. I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to study more about the law.”
-Miquel, Wasco, CA.

“I never imagined I could get the knowledge I needed to apply for a job at a law firm so quickly. Blackstone provided everything I needed to start my new career.”
-Jennifer, Sebring, FL.

“Blackstone Career Institute is a well-established institution for learning legal concepts and principles. If you would like to learn more about the legal profession, I recommend Blackstone as a good choice.”
-Torreo, Tennessee Colony, TX.

“I’m truly content and self fulfilled. I feel that time and monetary expense is well spent and an invaluable investment in my future prospects and pursuits.”
-Percy, Waynesburg, PA.

“Blackstone Paralegal Studies offers an excellent foundation for anyone who is interested in learning from a distance. Studying at your own pace with professional feedback to test questions, is an excellent way to get experience at presenting your opinion.”
-Jeff, Forrest City, AR.

“Blackstone’s courses are challenging and fulfilling. This course has given me the confidence to further my education in the law field.”
-Jama, Nashville, TN.

“I found this course to be challenging and insightful.”
-Daniel, Beaver, WV.

“This course gives a student an excellent overview of the basic foundation of the law. This is an outstanding introduction to prepare one for being a paralegal.”
-Richard, Pensacola, FL.

“Taking this course has helped me to obtain a valuable tool -knowledge of the law. It has helped me to run my business more efficiently and effectively without worry. Thanks Blackstone.”
-Steve, Jackson, TN.

“I believe that the study and field of law is both exciting and challenging. The courses offered through Blackstone Career Institute are first-rate. I strongly recommend this program.”
-James, Sandstone, MN.

“Blackstone Career Institute Paralegal Certification was intriguing and relevant to my professional performance. I have gained knowledge and practical skills that will help me far into my paralegal career. BCI sets the standard for excellence in Paralegal education!”
-Gateville, TX.

“I have ended my studies with Blackstone with a great deal of respect and appreciation. I have a very bright future within the paralegal field.”
-Diana, Ochlocknee, GA.

“A good foundation for building your paralegal career.”
-Vicki, Anoka, MN.

“This course provides a comprehensive background in most aspects of the law with historical background to show where the laws or customs originated. An excellent start for a career in the field.”
-David, Somerset, PA.

“Blackstone offers the most extensive course for paralegals for a fair fee. I recommend to anyone who is interested in becoming a paralegal to study with Blackstone. Keep up the good work Blackstone!”
-Lionel, Raleigh, NC.

“In comparison to many other courses, I am glad I picked Blackstone; due to the vast array of instruction that is fully apart of the course material offered, I am very satisfied with my choice and will continue to introduce Blackstone to my friends.”
-Larry, Avenal, TX.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed taking this course. Blackstone’s staff has been very helpful the whole way. I feel confident with the knowledge I have acquired, to walk into a law firm and secure employment”
-Gerald, San Antonio, TX.

“I would like to thank Blackstone for being patient understanding. The instructor and financial support was outstanding. The course and your payment plan help a lot.”
-Victoria, Chowchilla, CA.

“I would like to thank Blackstone for helping me achieve my goals. I can now say that I know and understand the law, and for that I’m grateful.”
-Arturo, Staten Island, NY.

“Coming into the Blackstone Paralegal program I knew next to nothing about the law and how it applied to me. Now I feel confident that I have a future in the paralegal field.”
-Benjamin, Lowell, FL.

“Thanks Blackstone for offering a challenging and rewarding course.”
-Michael, Beaumont, TX.

“Very informative and educational. Looking forward working in law and legal services.”
-Michael, Corcoran, CA.

“Blackstone allowed me a greater knowledge of the law. Their courses were informative and detailed in every subject.”
-Richard, Shirley, MA.

“As a Gulf Veteran, Blackstone equipped me with the knowledge needed to understand veterans law.”
-Dwayne, Florence, SC.

“Blackstone’s challenging paralegal course has changed my life for the best. I will take my paralegal certificate and continue progressing.”

-Cherron, Newark, NJ.

“The staff is very helpful and takes a personal interest in students’ learning process as though we’re all in a single classroom.”
-Keva, Lincoln, NE.

“Blackstone gave me exactly what I was looking for. I work full-time as a college administrator, without Blackstone I couldn’t have completed the course. Thank you!”
-Linda, Salt Lake City, UT.

“I was pleased with the course’s flexibility. Being able to self-pace my studies and complete the courses in the sequence that best matched my interest was a big plus.”
-G. Margaret, Rock Hill, SC.

“This course impressed me in that it offers training, knowledge and expertise that can be taken in any field of employment.”
-Henry, Century, FL.

“Blackstone is a really good and very unique study for anyone interested in studying the legal field of law. I’m very confident and inspired in my achievement.”
-Ronald, Winnfield, LA.

“Enrolling at Blackstone has changed my life entirely. Blackstone’s paralegal course has given the basic skills I’ll need to pursue my legal career.”
-Marcus, Elmira, NY.

“I enjoyed this paralegal course very much. I have learned a lot more about law than I ever knew before. I have much more to learn and experience, but I’m off to a great start due to this course.”
-Dennis, Angola, LA.

“In the 21st Century, you’ll need specialized skills. The law touches every facet of our every day lives. The Blackstone course equipped me with the skills to succeed in any legal area I choose.”
-Morris, Blountstown, FL.

“I completely enjoyed studying under Blackstone. I look forward to working in the area of family law.”
-David, Corcoran, CA.

“This is a complete and fulfilling course that I recommend highly to those who are serious about learning the law.”
-Terry, Gunnison, UT.

“Blackstone Paralegal Studies not only helped me understand law, it helped me realize the duties I have to other people.”
-Michael, Ely, NV.

“I thought I was too old to learn, but Blackstone Career Institute made it easy.”
-Stephen, Cumberland, MD.

“Blackstone… positive people providing beneficial opportunity.”
-Oscar, Cleveland, MS.

“An excellent course to learn about the law and a paralegal career.”
-Lawson, Coalinga, CA.

“The Blackstone paralegal course was more than a challenge; it’s a journey into the world!”
-Zarak, Abilene, TX.

“This was an extremely professional, excellent program. Your books and exams will come in handy once I start my paralegal career. Thanks!”
-Rodney, New Boston, TX.

“Blackstone is both thorough and efficient. It’s a true bargain when you realize how much you get for such little money in comparison. Learning what you do is well worth it.”
-Todd, New Boston, TX.

“Blackstone Institute brought me a greater sense of knowledge and understanding of the law. I recommend it to everyone.”
-Rafael, Ione, CA.

“Blackstone has helped me broaden my horizons and has given me a strong sense of accomplishment when I completed the course.”
-Luke, Cameron, MO.

“My learning experience with Blackstone Paralegal Institute has explained my outlook of the law and how it works. The materials and information given out are excellent and explain in such detail of how the law is.”
-John, Abilene, TX.

“I am very grateful to Blackstone Career Institute for giving me the opportunity to pursue my paralegal studies at home while working full-time.”
-Charmaine, Duluth, GA.

“Blackstone offers a curriculum that teaches not only the concepts of the law, but how to apply those concepts in everyday life. The legal education offered by Blackstone is invaluable. If you appreciate a challenge, are self-motivated and want a quality education, Blackstone paralegal is for you.”
-Aaron, Indiana, PA.

“This has been a positive experience for me. It has been fun and challenging. I will be enrolling in an advanced legal course. Thank you!”
-Karen, Columbus, OH.

“The convenience of the home study, the cost, and the ease of taking the exams, makes this program stand apart from other correspondence courses.”
-Margaret, New London, CT.

“Blackstone has given me a wider range of opportunities in the job market. I have an assurance and level of confidence higher than what I started with. Thank you for the attention given to me from your supporting staff.”
-Ronald, Florence, AZ.

“I highly recommend Blackstone to anyone trying to get ahead and improve himself.”
-John, San Quentin, CA.

“I can definitely say that I’ve grown as a person because of this course. I’m not the same individual I was when I started. My perspective and understanding has evolved because of my new knowledge.”
-Harold, Techachapie, CA.

“Although I have a B.S. in Criminal Justice and extensive experience in state and federal law enforcement, I wanted a better understanding of the legal field. Blackstone provided what I needed.”
-Salvador, Big Spring, TX.

“I would like to thank the administrative staff for their excellent support and expedient replies to queries and problems.”
-Rhoda, Chingola, Zambia.

“Once the course came online, the immediate feedback from tests was inspirational. I also appreciate the attention given to e-mails with questions and concerns along the way! Thanks for the support.”
-David, Rumney, NH.

“I would just like to thank the authors, professors, staff and all that were involved in the creation of the Blackstone Career Institute and all of their lessons and programming, for it has truly created a better person in me. Thank you.”
-Darrell, Fairbault, MN.

“Blackstone kept me interested, influencing a continual desire to keep going with it. I am rather pleased and impressed.”
-Kevin, New Boston, TX.

“If anyone has any aspirations of wanting to understand and apply the law, Blackstone Paralegal Studies is definitely the hand you need. You get enough education you can take and run with. The skies the limit!”
-Dameon, Chester, PA.

“This has been a very rewarding, learning experience with excellent, well-written manuals that I will add to my law library reference books.”
-Gerald, Terminal Island, CA.

“Blackstone Career Institute has been a great investment of my time and a great opportunity. It’s been the most productive time I’ve spent and the knowledge acquired through this course would allow me to assist others in need of justice.”
-Edmundo, New York, NY.

“Blackstone services were excellent and efficient in assisting me whenever a problem arose. The course covered all areas of law, including some I was unaware of. I am glad to have been granted the opportunity to study under Blackstone.”
-Edward, Soledad, CA.

“The Blackstone Paralegal course is well-written, interesting and intellectually stimulating. It gives one an overview of all branches of law.”
-Edward, Walker, LA.

“Blackstone gives an individual great opportunity to improve herself and gain great confidence in ones abilities.”
-Christian, Camp Hill, PA.

“I thank Blackstone Career Institute for all the positive support I received and for allowing me the opportunity to grow as a paralegal, as well as for the very professional conduct service I received.”
-Aarif, Fairbault, MN.

“I’ve enjoyed the course material and I really believe I’ve learned so much over my year and a half working on the course. Because of this course it’s boosted my confidence.”
-Stephanie, Bruce, WI.

“Blackstone has given me more than just an education. They have given me the tools I need to better my life. I have confidence in my abilities to state a new career and a brighter future.”
-Andreanna, Bronson, FL.

“The program provides an excellent opportunity to not only learn the law, but to propel you into a constantly expanding new profession as a paralegal. It is an extremely valuable experience.”
-Duane, Bunker Hill, IN.

“Blackstone kept the torch lit- for the only way to overcome the ignorance of darkness, is by the light of knowledge.”
-Gregory, Cresson, PA.

“The course is very reasonably priced, with an affordable payment schedule. Very thorough training that will help me with my career goals. Thanks!”
-Sheri, Morgantown, WV.

“I really think Blackstone’s course material is excellent. I am anxious to begin other courses.”
-Edwina, Chowchilla, CA

“Thanks sincerely for the superb course material and many words of encouragement, which helped me throughout my course.”
-Willie, Whiteville, TN.

“Challenging and fulfilling. I feel my effort put forth on this training will have a positive impact on my future and moreover the rest of my life.”
-William, Shelby, MT.

“Blackstone is a great opportunity to pursue your career in the legal field. The staff there really cares about your needs in education. They have allowed me to fulfill my dream.”
-LaShawn, Adelanto, CA.

“My degree from Blackstone has provided me with both a leg up in my career and a feeling of confidence and pride I never thought I’d have.”
-Jack, Gilbert, AZ.

“Blackstone Career Institute offers a wider range of course materials that enable students the benefit of studying at their own pace, while at the same time enhancing the students knowledge of the law and giving them the ability to expand on their future career as a paralegal.”
-Frank, Malone, NY.

“I would just like to add that I am proud to have the opportunity to enroll and participate at Blackstone. Blackstone’s program is above the standards of helping me to reach my education goals. Thank you.”
-John, Bruceton Mills, WV.

“Blackstone Career Institute allows me to challenge myself as well gives me the courage to complete what I have started.”
-Joel, Labelle, PA.

“The Blackstone Legal Assistant/ Paralegal curriculum is challenging and rewarding. After over ten years prose litigation experience, it enlightened me further, and put all my skills to the test. For the self-motivated, it is perfect.”
-Anthony, Folkston, CA.

“I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to the president and entire staff for giving me the opportunity to pursue my dream. The program was inspirational.”
-Tailey, Somerset, PA.

“Blackstone Career Institute’s paralegal program has given me the knowledge and skills that I need to change my career and enter the legal field as an entry-level paralegal. It has also laid down the foundation for me to seek higher education in paralegal studies.”
-Matthew, San Antonio, TX.

“Blackstone Career Institute offered me a chance to learn more of a field I have had interest in for quite sometime. The material is easy to read and the faculty cares about you evidenced from several letters I received inquiring about my studies.”
-John, Polk City, FL.

“A price tag cannot be placed on the information, knowledge and positive influence this course has to offer. Blackstone is a must for those who wish to improve their life on any level.”
-Andre, Susanville, CA.

“I have taken a couple other correspondence courses. None of them compare to Blackstone in their dynamic format and their promptness on grading exams and answering questions.”
-Ricardo, Beaumont, TX.

“Taking this course has helped me tremendously in understanding all facets of the law, whether or not you want to become a paralegal. This course is an excellent way to know your rights.”
-Ray, San Luis Obispo, CA.

“I believe the Blackstone Paralegal course will enhance my marketability immensely. With my financial background, I am a sought after commodity in the world of Real Estate.”
-Marlo, Florence, CO.

“Blackstone is a wonderful place to obtain the basics and a working knowledge of the various histories and departments of the law. I would recommend it for anyone serious about advancing their careers and for anyone in general.”
-Albert, Marienville, PA.

“If one needs a well-written, easy to understand course, Blackstone’s a good buy.”
-Amrit, Bessemer, AL.

“This experience in which your institute has provided me with, not only enhances my personal and social stand- point in the community, but it will further enhance economical productivity in world of corporate enterprising.”
-Robert, Represa, CA.

“Good broad-based understanding of the law.”
-Randall, Benton, KY.

“I enjoyed this course very much. I feel I am well prepared to begin my career as a paralegal.”
-Elizabeth, Crawfordville, FL.

“I had a number of years in the legal field, but the course material from Blackstone allowed me to understand the historical aspects as well as the significance of each area of the law. It improved my skills dramatically.”
-David, Jonesville, VA.

“I can’t thank Shannon and the rest of the staff enough. They have been instrumental in my success of this program.”
-David, Las Vegas, NV

“I would recommend Blackstone to anyone who wants to get a solid understanding of how the law works and how it may be used to enrich their own life.”
-Michael, Atmore, AL.

“My studies with Blackstone enabled me to work full-time and still further my education. I found the studies to be challenging, but well-written. I am currently utilizing my degree in the med-mal cases at the law firm I work in.”
-Donna, Section, AL.

“I loved being able to work at my own pace.”
-Catherine, San Francisco, CA.

“Blackstone is for anybody looking to educate himself in the law, be it personal reasons or career motivated. I would recommend this course as the best place to start and the best in value.”
-Eric, Reidsville, GA.

“Thank you for introducing me to this fascinating new career possibility. I have learned so much that I feel truly inspired to explore the field of law.”
-Alexander, Florence, AZ.

“Blackstone provided me with great legal training at a reasonable price. Thanks to this course I have been promoted from secretary to paralegal.”
-Amber, Massillon, OH.

“The overall experience of this course has been enlightening.”
-Coty, Navasota, TX.

“Blackstone is a very good course. It takes you through the basics of every branch of law and its origin. This course has truly helped in improving my life.”
-Jason, Ionia, MI.

“Blackstone provided me with a key of information and studies that unlocked the door to many opportunities. I highly recommend Blackstone Paralegal course to those who are considering a career in law.”
-Martin, Buford, GA.

“Blackstone afforded me the possibility of changing my career path without cutting my current income, and that was important.”
-Christina, Enfield, CT.

“I think the course was easy to follow and gave a lot of helpful information about job interviews and professional conduct.”
-Gisele, Novinger, MO.

“Blackstone made it easy for me to learn the material and study while working and maintaining my normal routine. Way more for your money.”
-Tiffany, Atlanta, GA.

“Blackstone has made it possible to earn my paralegal diploma without going in dept. The course cost is well worth it and I now have the tools and skills to start a new life in a new rewarding career.”
-Gerry, Raiford, FL.

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